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Returns Policy

For Pre-made Triangles:


We are certain that when you see fluffy in her triangle, you will be bowled over.

But in the unlikely event you might want to return it (say, the apocalypse?) we will happily accept it back within 30 days of the order purchase date. Just mail it back to us with a wee note saying why you want to return it and whether you would like an exchange or refund.

Unfortunately, because we are a small business we cannot cover the return shipping costs, but when we achieve world domination, we will.


For Bespoke Triangles:


You’ve got a bit fed up with your neighbour Dorothy calling Spot, “Dot” and it’s time to take get in touch and ask for a triangle with your four-legged friend’s name emblazoned boldly on it. Suddenly, Dorothy has an epiphany and realises that Dot is actually Spot. You no longer want the neckerchief, but it’s too late - we’ve made it especially for you, so what can be done? Unfortunately not a whole lot because it is a one off item and there are less ‘Spots’ nowadays than you might be inclined to think.


For all other items:


We happily accept returns on other products if they are sent to us in their original packaging/state within 30 days of the purchase date. Maybe the colour was more ‘Fire Engine Red’ than ‘Crimson’? Or your bag of cat treats were split open during transit and are not as fresh as the Prince of Bel Air...just get in touch and we will see what can be done.


For any other return queries:


Just ask...we don’t bite (though your pet might?) 



Product Care


Did your pet dive into a swamp with it’s triangle on?

Most of our items are made using 100% organic cotton which can be machine washed at 30 degrees with similar colours.

We recommend hand-washing if your item has adorable extras such as pompoms, fringing or text.




Iron using a middling temperature setting and on the side which does not have text.

Oh and try not to iron on the label itself.



Live Long and Prosper

If you follow these instructions, your items should live a long and happy life.



Safety First

Remember to always supervise play with our products to avoid a mishap