XS - suitable for sassy cats and the tiniest of dogs. Chinese Crested Powder Puffs, Chihuahuas and Min-Pins sometimes opt for this size. 

Small - suitable for larger cats or those who prefer a bolder ‘statement’ look for their felines. Think Lady Gaga on the red carpet...   Also suitable for doggos similar in size to Toy Poodles, Yorkies and Maltese breeds. 

Medium - the most popular size. Often stockpiled by the servants of Wire Fox Terriers, Frenchies, Staffies, Pugs and Lurchers.

Large - for the kind of pets you can wrestle on the floor with. Think German Shepherds, Retrievers and Airedales.

XF - stands for extra floofy. Perhaps your pupper has the most majestic mane? We can make XF at your request, to ensure your new triangle can be seen past all that glorious floof.