things we get asked

Who is Elliott and why is he so into three-sided shapes?

Elliott is our two-year old Welsh Terrier and the inspiration behind Elliott’s Triangles. 

When he was just 8 weeks old he already had quite the selection of hand-sewn, slip-on-the-collar neckerchiefs, which we affectionately referred to as his ‘triangles’, because of the simplicity in their shape. 

Originally, they were made using left over pieces of material from Rebekah’s dressmaking projects (as a way to reduce fabric waste). Some days Rebekah’s dresses would match Elliott’s bandanas and it drew comments from other dog walkers in parks who would ask for their own triangles. Elliott grew to associate neckerchiefs with going on poochventures. He would display the same excitement any dog would, when they see their lead and realise they are going outside to explore. Now he wears them everyday and has a variety of colours and patterns to suit any mood or occasion. 

Since he turned 6 months old, he has helped other pets add to their collection of stylish Elliott’s Triangles...making them the talk of the park, for all the right reasons. 


Do you only make triangles?

Heck no, techno. 

We started out small by only making slip-on-the-collar triangles. Then tie-ons. Then snap-ons. 

For some customers we have made jackets, collars and bow-ties to order. A regular customer even asked us to help renovate their camper!

We have just finished making a line of cat toys, badges and pet themed banners for your home.

In our pipeline, we are working on raincoats, cooling triangles and pet wigwams to name a few.

We are also proud Stockists for Opie’s Emporium, Superfly Soaps, Hux Loves Honey, Bug Bakes, Twizlrs and Kelso and Titch.

We have a nifty wee form that you can fill out to request something bespoke if you are looking for something particular. Find it under the ‘Bespoke’ section.


I like the idea of my pet wearing a triangle, but I don’t think s/he’d like it. Should I still get one?

If your pet is not used to wearing one, it is understandable you might not want to take the risk and splash out on an accessory for them. If they don’t take to it like a duck to water, we will happily accept the product back according to our returns policy. 


Wearing triangles has several benefits:

Firstly, triangles look adorable.

They are an easy way to express the personalities of both you and your pet. If Rover is into food and climbing mountains, no doubt we’ll have several prints for that!

If Fido is built more like a horse than a puppy and is intimidating wee Betty...a fun pop of colour around the neck, can help send the message that Fido might be big, but only a big softy.

Personalising your triangle with words of your choice can also help communicate something to others without actually having to repeat it for the 33rd time that morning...e.g. ‘please don’t feed me’, ‘I’m nervous,’or ‘I’m available for adoption’.


We have a few tips to help your pet get used to wearing them:

Put triangles on for short bursts of time at first. Build up to longer periods.

Associate with treats, lots of praise and play.

Wearing them when a collar or lead gets put on, helps build up positive connotations.


Some customers have told us their pet gets excited when one is thrown on. Some pets even retrieve their own!